Hello there.

Welcome! I am an EECS PhD student at the University of California, Berkeley, advised by Professor Edward Lee and Professor Sanjit Seshia. I am very much interested in building trust-worthy and reliable cyber-physical systems (CPS). I am also broadly interested in blockchain and quantum computing.

I am currently working on designing and verifying reactor systems written in Lingua Franca by leveraging symbolic techniques that the UCLID5 engine provides.

My past research projects also include:

  • Scivik, a formal verification toolchain for Ethereum smart contracts,
  • CArmor, a C compiler extension that produces program partitions for network enclaves,
  • CQSD, an efficiency-oriented secure quantum communication protocol,
  • Serverlessnet, a serverless-enabled IoT network prototyping software.

I am also interested in entrepreneurship and have worked for a couple of startups in the past. To learn more about my experiences, please check out my CV and portfolio. I believe in producing high-quality work in everything I do.